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If You Need an Explainer Video Freelancer Michael Dennis can help you produce a professional video that is informative, fun and gets results for you. VXP is Mikes website for his animated explainer video production company which he hopes will take animated explainer videos to a whole new level!

Our team of talented animators, writers, storyboarders and composers are masters of their craft. We create animated explainer videos that help you get your message across in an engaging and informative way. Here’s what makes us so successful:

1. Characters: Our animated characters draw viewers into the stories we tell with vivid detail and dynamic personalities.

2. Music: Our professional composers understand how to use music to evoke emotion and keep viewers engaged throughout the video.

3. Story Formatting: We combine humor, plot twists and interesting storylines to construct captivating animated explainer videos that grab attention from start to finish.

4. Scripting: We take the time to craft animated video scripts that help promote your product or service in a powerful, memorable way.

5. Storyboarding: Our talented team of illustrators and animators are experts at crafting engaging storyboards that bring animated stories to life onscreen.

Are you ready for an animated explainer video that brings your saas product to life? Hire VXP today, and give viewers an animated experience they won’t soon forget! With our award-winning approach to animated storytelling, we can create a powerful animated explainer video for your saas product!

Contact us today and let’s get started!
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